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St. Cloud Child Custody Lawyer

Resolving the puzzle of child custody is as important for unmarried parents as it is for divorcing parents. Sociologists tell us that more than 50 percent of babies are now born outside of marriage. Whether you and your child's other parent cohabit, co-parent while separated or are married and heading for divorce, you need to address the questions associated with child custody and visitation.

Increasingly, the term "child custody" is becoming an anachronism. In fact, in Minnesota family law courts, you will hear the term "parenting time" much more often. The focus in parenting time matters is to translate to legal language in a court document how two parents living apart will share in the upbringing of a child or children.

Legal terms for the resolution of your family's reorganization will likely include:

Joint physical custody (a very common solution, meaning that children regularly spend time in both parents' homes)

Joint legal custody (meaning that both parents must agree when enrolling children in school, taking them to doctors, enrolling them in summer camp, getting them passports and so on)

Sole physical custody (when a child or children live in only one parent's home, though ideally spend time with the other parent)

Sole legal custody (when one parent is unfit, cannot or does not want to be responsible for making decisions such as where a child will go to school or whether the child will receive vaccinations)

(Sole physical or legal custody may apply when one parent is completely out of the picture. More typically, family law courts in Minnesota tend to assume that joint physical and legal custody will be the starting point of negotiations.)

At Lund Law P.A., parents can expect honesty and an accelerated, focused education on legal ways of addressing questions of shared parenting such as:

Different issues involved in the child custody equation at different ages (babyhood, toddler years, school age years and teen years)

Practical matters such as bedtime, discipline, homework and a daily or weekly schedule for a child or children

Taking into account children's extracurricular activities, friendships and, for teenagers, part-time jobs

The impact of parenting time on child support

St. Cloud Child Custody Attorney John T. Lund Offers Practical Advice And Guidance For Separated And Divorcing Parents

Setting aside and overcoming emotional aspects of shared parenting with an estranged partner is not easy for most people. Yet most parents are committed to doing what is right for their children. Family law courts call this "a child's best interests." It is the overriding consideration in a custody case.

Parents who are separated, divorcing or divorced often forget that compromise between two parents is nearly always necessary while raising children together. This is true in marriage as well. Sometimes marriages fail precisely because two people never learned to compromise. If this dynamic continues through the separation, resolution of parenting time questions may prove challenging. For many couples, custody mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution may offer a reasonable way forward.

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