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Dissolution Of Marriage St. Cloud Attorney

There is a better way for resolving a Minnesota divorce. Divorce by definition typically involves loss, challenges and difficult decisions. However, it does not need to destroy reasonable adults or parent-child relationships. Once you and your spouse agree that divorce is the next step in a dissolving marital relationship, it is important to get legal advice promptly.

It can be a sign of strength to ask for help. If you are nursing hopes of mending your marriage, you should seek out a qualified marriage and family counselor. However, if your relationship is past remediation and divorce is now inevitable, you need knowledgeable, compassionate and honest legal advice and representation.

Honesty Is The Policy At Lund Law P.A. In Central Minnesota

Perhaps your divorce is pending, but not yet imminent. Perhaps the human aspects of your relationship ended some time ago, but the two of you have remained in the same household or have remained married as a type of economic partnership because you believed you could not afford a divorce. Whatever the circumstances, now it is time to engage in divorce planning with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer. Know what needs to happen and how you can protect your best interests though all aspects and phases of divorce, including:

Property division: Does a problem mortgage complicate your plans with regard to dividing marital property, including your marital home? Ask attorney John T. Lund about division of joint assets, as well as challenging issues such as retirement accounts, business valuation and family cabin ownership.

Spousal support or spousal maintenance, if appropriate in your case: Did one of you support the other during college or for any lengthy period during the marriage?

Child custody and visitation (parenting time): What will a family law judge consider critical when it comes to a child custody agreement?

Get The Advice And Representation You Need For A Reasonable Dissolution Of Marriage

St. Cloud lawyer John T. Lund welcomes your inquiry regarding a Minnesota divorce. For a no-obligation phone consultation, call 320-230-1222 or send an email.

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