When It Comes To Resolving Legal Matters
There Is A Better Way

Resolving legal matters shouldn’t have to include stress, worry and frustration. With Lund Law P.A., there is a better way.

Serving St. Cloud And Surrounding Minnesota Communities For More Than 39 Years.

Finding A Better Way To Resolve Legal Matters

At Lund Law P.A., practicing law is about problem-solving, which is why lead attorney John Lund keeps the focus of his firm on the issues people experience in their daily lives and taking the approach that will truly result in the best outcome.

As a generalist, Mr. Lund has the experience and background to understand how seemingly unrelated issues often interrelate. Throughout more than 39 years of practicing law in St. Cloud, Minnesota, John Lund has used mediation and litigation to resolve a wide range of issues, including family law matters, fraud claims, contract and boundary disputes, personal injury claims, business contract matters, bankruptcy and more.

If there is a better way to get a positive outcome for his clients, attorney Lund will find it.

Why Choose Attorney John Lund?

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A Minnesota Law Practice Focused On Practical Solutions To Real People’s Real Needs

Choosing the right lawyer is an important decision. The relationship between lawyer and client is a close and personal one.

Lund Law P.A. provides a free initial consultation where you can ask questions, get answers, receive guidance and hear all of your options all in an effort to help you decide for yourself whether this law firm is right for you.