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More Than 39 Years Of Family Law Experience

Family law constitutes a major part of the practice at Lund Law P.A.. Clients throughout Minnesota entrust their family law matters to a law firm that keeps their best interests as a guiding principle in every decision.

John Lund Knows Family Law

Attorney John Lund also has experience handling an array of other legal issues, such as civil disputes and business contract creation. You can read a list of his practice areas below:

  • Family law: Consider all relevant factors and potential consequences of choices you may make and legal actions you may take with regard to:
    • Divorce: Focus on the desired outcome and the most reasonable solutions and dispute resolution methods such as settlement conferences and family mediation.
    • Property division: How you divide your marital property may depend on whether spousal maintenance (spousal support) is appropriate in your case.
    • Child custody and visitation: Discuss how you can come to a workable agreement with the other parent, and how parenting time and child support may impact each other.
    • Alternative dispute resolution: Does mediation or another alternative dispute resolution method offer the most favorable options for settling your divorce or another civil dispute?

General Practice Representation

He also has experience in general practice areas, including business law matters. He has helped small to medium-sized businesses find sensible legal solutions. Attorney John Lund can review and analyze a contract so you know what you are agreeing to before you sign anything. If you’re having a civil dispute, such as a boundary or breach of contract issue, he can guide you in the right direction. He can also review real estate documents before you enter into a buy-sell agreement.

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Regardless of your legal concern, Lund Law P.A. brings the benefit of more than 39 years’ experience to the table. Attorney John Lund knows the courts and the laws that pertain to your case. He has helped countless other Central Minnesotans resolve their legal matters effectively, in their own best interests. Contact the law firm to schedule a free initial consultation at 320-230-1222.